Our Strategic Initiatives help focus and prioritize land acquisition efforts on
specific types of habitat. The Initiatives provide a framework for preservation of
the most critical natural resources of La Porte county.

-To establish preserves representing all of the diverse natural ecosystems found
in La Porte County.
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-Following the curve of the Lake Michigan coast, trending southwest to
northeast across the northern half of La Porte County, is the last forest cover
truly large enough to still be called a "forest" in La Porte County. It is the Moraine
Forest. This forest still covers much of the Valparaiso and Lake Border moraines
of the La Porte and Porter counties. The moraines are features that formed along the edge of the Ice Age glaciers. Parts of them were not deemed good agricultural land because they commonly have high relief and included many wetlands and lakes. Other land, to the north and south, proved to be more easily farmed. As consequence, large tracts of
the moraines retain the pre-settlement character.
Now the Moraine Forest faces an ever-growing threat of destruction by the urban
sprawl that takes over more and more of these counties with each passing year.
Like other ecosystems of Northwest Indiana, the Moraine Forest is home to a
highly diverse variety of native floral and faunal populations.
If the Moraine Forest were largely or completely lost, the impact on the
character and livability of La Porte County would be devastating. The LPCCT
works to preserve the Moraine Forest by establishing preserves like Wintergreen Woods, aiding other organizations like the La Porte County Park and Recreation Department to do likewise and by supporting the IDNR's Forest Legacy Program for private landowners who want to keep their lands forested in perpetuity.

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Through the Littoral Program, the LPCCT identifies "diamond in the rough" lake or wetland tracts whose needed preservation has long been overlooked. The LPCCT seeks to secure this preservation, either through acquiring the tracts and establishing preserves, as in the case of Ridgeway Wetland. Or else LPCCT will aid other entities, like the La Porte City Park & Recreation Department, in the restoration of Craven Pond or the Teledyne Kiwanis Park wetlands. The LPCCT is committed to restoring the ecological glories of La Porte's lakes and wetlands and Hudson Lake. 

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