Ridgeway Wetland is a 59.5-acre preserve located along Boyd Boulevard on the east side of the City of La Porte. This large wetland is a remnant of the original Ridgeway Lake that covered much of the east side of La Porte when the city was founded in the 1830's. Ridgeway Wetlands contains 2 ponds, extensive wet areas, a small mature forest at its northeast side, and disturbed woodlands on the south side.

This preserve provides valuable open space on the fast-developing east side of La Porte. The ponds provide important habitat for migrating ducks and shorebirds, including sandhill crane, green-winged teal, mallard, solitary sandpiper, great blue heron, green heron, and killdeer. The mudflats associated with the ponds are especially important for shorebirds, since this type of habitat is unusual in La Porte County. Other bird species observed here include red-tailed and red-shouldered hawks, wild turkey, eastern kingbird, Baltimore oriole, and yellow warbler. The wetlands also serve as a natural purifier for surface water on the east side of La Porte, help to recharge ground water, and provide flood water control to Travis Ditch and the Kankakee River. Access to Ridgway Wetland is limited. Anyone wishing to visit Ridgway Wetland should contact the LPCCT by sending an email to  info@lpcct.org 

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