Wintergreen Woods Nestled in northern La Porte County about a mile from the Michigan state line along CR 925 North, Wintergreen Woods State Nature Preserve is a 23- acre wet woodland known as a Boreal (Northern) Flatwoods. This is a very rare habitat type in Indiana because it is found only in a narrow band in northern La Porte and northeastern Porter Counties landward of the high dunes along the southern shoreline of Lake Michigan. 

When LPCCT purchased Wintergreen Woods in 1999 we knew we had preserved a special place. Acquired through a grant from the Indiana Heritage Trust, it is a Dedicated State Nature Preserve because of its rare treasury of plants and wildlife. A botanical survey conducted in 2005 found 218 native species, including one Indiana Threatened species and five Rare species. Among the plants listed as Rare is the Round-leaved Shinleaf (Pyrola rotundifolia). Other unique species of northern swamp forests are the namesake wintergreen, goldthread, partridge berry, shining club moss, and Indian cucumber root. Paper (white) birch is a common tree, with numerous large individuals scattered throughout the woods, along with American beech/ basswood/ red maple, and a variety of oaks.

Wintergreen Woods is also a Classified Wildlife Habitat, which is a land protection program under the Indiana Division of Forestry. Among the wildlife finding a home here are species as diverse as red-shouldered hawk (an Indiana Species of Special Concern), pileated woodpecker, red-eyed vireo, eastern box turtle (also a Species of Special Concern), and grey treefrog. The Phyliss Benn Trail winds through Wintergreen Woods and includes an observation platform at a buttonbush swamp on the north side of the property. Our trail guide provides interesting information on the biology and geology of the woodland and is available here. People are welcome to visit Wintergreen Woods. Wintergreen Woods is located in Springfield Twp. on 925 North. To see a map of the location click here,

People are welcome to visit Wintergreen Woods. Wintergreen Woods is located in Springfield Twp. on 925 North.  There is no parking lot, but visitors may park on the north side of 925 North next to the entrance. The entrance is marked with a sign and a chain across two posts.  The start of the trail is about 100 feet north of the entrance.

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