La Porte County Conservation Trust

Pine Lake Assembly Conservation Easement 

Laporte County Conservation Trust Inc. (LPCCT)

The Pine Lake Assembly Conservation Easement property is located on the northwest shore of Pine Lake in La Porte. The easement area is approximately 12 acres with a shoreline of about 1950 feet. This shoreline is the longest privately owned shoreline on Pine Lake. Pine Lake is the largest lake in La Porte County. The shoreline is undeveloped except for a small boathouse and temporary boat docks on part of the shoreline. A botanical survey, which was conducted to provide documentation for the easement, confirmed the natural value of the land. The property contains some of the last remnants of the original forest that once surrounded La Porte's lakes before settlement. Very large oak trees (black oak, white oak, and bur oak) are part of the forest and are estimated to be over 200 years old. 

The survey also found that the aquatic bed (lake) part of the shoreline is a generally high quality natural area, with many native plants. Further inland is an emergent marsh containing a moderate to high quality plant community. The aquatic lake bed and emergent marsh are important habitat for fish and bird populations on the lake.

The conservation easement will protect the natural values of the property in perpetuity. The LPCCT is very pleased to work with the Pine Lake Assembly to forever protect this important part of La Porte County's environment. Note: The Pine Lake Assembly conservation easement property is private property, and is not open to the public.

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